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Ranks appear in Riviera: The Promised Land and are assigned to the end of each battle in which the player is victorious. The ranks from lowest to highest are C, B, A, and S. The higher the Rank, the more Trigger Points are awarded:


  • C = 1
  • B = 2
  • A = 3
  • S = 4

Yggdrasil and Maze of Shadows[]

  • C = 2
  • B = 3
  • A = 4
  • S = 5

Parveeju (PSP)[]

  • C = 0
  • B = 1
  • A = 2
  • S = 3

    An S Rank achieved after clearing a battle.

The rank is affected by several key factors:

  1. Whether or not allies were defeated. (WIN)
  2. The TIME taken, or efficiency.
  3. The level of the Skill used as the final blow. (FINISH)

Points are then tallied into a final SCORE which will decide your Rank according to the battle's specific criteria.

The Rank you earn not only raises the amount of TP (Trigger Points) you get, but the kind of item you will receive from an enemy or boss; in many cases, special items can only be obtained by getting an S Rank. This encourages the player to aspire for higher rankings for the sake of progression and to enjoy the sweets of doing so. On the other hand, the player is also punished to some extent for not performing well in battles because they will starve for TP and will have to resort to preserving them in order to get items and other goodies that are otherwise unobtainable. Be mindful that one isn't expected to consistently make A/S Ranks, and it is not necessary in order to complete the game.

Stage Clear[]

At the end of a Stage, final ranks are given. This time it considers:

5 Trigger Points awarded for clearing Lacrima Castle

  1. The total turns taken to clear the stage.
  2. The quantity of items remaining upon clearing the stage.
  3. How much affection you've earned from the girls with the choices made and the battles they finished. (Pleased)

From then, your score is added up, and based on the total, you'll receive Trigger Points to be used when you advance to the next stage.