Red Crimson (レッドクリムゾン Reddokurimuzon?), also localized as Crimson Red, is a recurring sword in Dept. Heaven series. It originated as the signature weapon of Aegina.

Red Crimson is an equippable item appearing in Yggdra Union.

GEN +2
TEC -4
LUK +2
Lasts 1 BF
Equip Yggdra only
Effect [O] Fire attack UP

BF43-1, on Aegina

Morale RecoveryEdit

Crimson Red
Crimson Red KitN sprite
Type Duelist
Element Fire
Level 37
Law Attack Fiery Stab
Chaos Attack Vulcan Heat -> Vulcan Terror
Effect 1 22
Effect 2 21
Effect 3 16

Phase Name Damage Hits Total
Law Fiery Stab 647 5 3235
Chaos Vulcan Heat -> Vulcan Terror 416 12 4992

Crimson Red is the strongest fire-elemental sword in Knights in the Nightmare. Its full power can be utilized by Oryze, Johanna and Neredo.

True to its origins, the item returns as a Fire-elemental rapier called Crimson Red.

Gungnir StatisticsEdit


  • Weapon Type: Rapier
  • Grade: 3 Stars
  • Affinity: Fire


  • Base Power: 146
  • Main Action IV: Rose Cascade (F, Knockback, halves Magic Defense)
  • Beat: Halves Magic Defense




  • Cost: ??? gold.
  • Sell: ??? gold.

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