Red Sage is a minor antagonist from Chapter 4 - Sunken Wisdom in Riviera: The Promised Land. She is the sister of Blue Fool. As the party enters Tetyth, she and her brother plotted to drown them in a gradually rising flood. Fool is fought first, then Sage herself, on the bridge. After she loses, the twin demons will not appear again. Red Viper is obtained if an S Rank is achieved.

Boss DataEdit

Hp Str Mgc Agl Vit Guard Recovery Body Type
2500 30 60 30 20 0% 0%
0 60 -40 -20 40
Status Resist
Dazzle Freeze Heat Poison Purify Sleep Stone
76% 76% 76% 76% 76% 76% Immune
Type Power Hits Accuracy Base Wait Variance Target Effects
Swing Around (normal)
Physical Attack 112 4 75% 40 11% Random Enemy B Low accuracy
Red Moon (rage)
Fire Magic 46 4 105% 60 4% Far enemy May inflict heat
Nightmare Waltz (break out!)
Lightning Magic 57 8 95% 75 5% Random Enemy A Ignores VIT
  • Recovery Force: Red Sage will spend a turn to heal herself. WT: 35

Battling Red SageEdit

Red Sage

She may not look it, but Red Sage is actually quite powerful and is a pretty difficult boss, tricky to S Rank. She's not alone, and is accompanied by a pair of Pyrallis in the front row, while she's in the back. You will be taking a very unhealthy dosage of her Nightmare Waltz, because once both of her familiar demons are gone, her Rage Meter will be fixed at half, making it very easy for her to use it often. Bring your best items and characters, and have some form of healing. If you're going for an S Rank, try to have a powerful Ice or Lightning Lv. 3 Over Skill; Lina's Voltage Raid is a viable option. Serene is not recommended in this fight as a single Nightmare Waltz will almost certainly kill her. Depending on stats, Ein may also die to a single Nightmare Waltz. If the player has the Crystal Lance from S-Ranking the Dragonewts in the chapter, it will be a huge help with Ein and Lina (and Fia, to a smaller extent).


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