Revenger (リヴェンジャー Rivenjā?), also localized as Raw Revenge, is a recurring weapon in Dept. Heaven series.

A sword charged with hatred and thirst for revenge.

Revenger is an equippable item appearing in Yggdra Union.


GEN -6
ATK +2
Lasts 2 BF
Equip Sword only
Effect [-] Cntr/Counter same damage
Location BF34, on Aegina (YU)

Morale RecoveryEdit

The Raw Revenge is a mid-tier sword in Knights in the Nightmare. Its High Skill is best used by Atkasia, Seriee and Irma.

Raw Revenge
Raw Revenge KitN sprite
Type Duelist
Element Ice
Level 24
Chaos Attack Frost Dive -> Icicle Dive
Effect 1 01
Effect 2 64
Effect 3 43

Phase Name Damage Hits Total

Chaos Frost Dive -> Icicle Dive 429 13 5577

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