The Ribbon (ひらひらリボン Hirahira Ribon?) is an item in Riviera: The Promised Land. It is obtained from NoNo (20x) during Ein's first visit to Elendia.

When used by a female character, their ailment resistance increases to the 'MAX'; in other words, they are temporarily immune to all status ailments. Lina can Skill Up by wearing it five times (x5) to learn Pretty Dance, a level 2 Overskill that affects the whole party instead. If Ein wears it, the other party member's positive effects will be dispelled.

These skills are the only ones in the entire game with this effect.

Pretty Dance Stats
Type Support
Power N/A
Hits 1
Accuracy 0%
Base Wait 55
Variance 0%
Target All allies
Effects Prevents ailments
Skill Level 2
Skill Up 5
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