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Ricardo Raguel
Ricardo Raguel.jpg
"Take pride in your name. And know that one day... you will be a man worthy of it."
Gungnir Character
Sex Male
Origin Espada
Race Leonican
Age c. 30
Class [[]]
I knew Ricardo, the hero of Espada. He, and Ragnus Raguel [...] Both of them were brave warriors, on par with us, the Imperial Knights.


Ricardo was the father of Giulio and Fiona, and the adoptive father of Ragnus. He was the founder of Esperanza and was a great spearman. Ricardo was executed by Knight General Robertus long before the events of Gungnir; this crushing blow demoralized former Esperanza, and traumatized the young Ragnus, sowing the seeds of vengeance in his heart.


Ricardo's body, put on display upon the Gate of Lament

Ricardo before Robertus