The Promised Land

The Land of Sprites

The Promised Land, Riviera, is home of the Sprites. Riviera was once known as Utgard, but was reformed after the events of Ragnarok. It is protected by its guardian, Ursula. Since Ragnarok, Riviera became known as the Promised Land because the Gods entrusted their knowledge and power with the Sprites.


Riviera is a floating continent and is very beautiful and vibrant. It has many varied, memorable locations and landmarks. The more noteable areas include Elendia, as well as some of the stages: Lacrima Castle, Nelde Ruins, Tetyth, Mireno Cemetery, and Yggdrasil.

The RetributionEdit

Riviera holds the divine power of destruction called the Retribution. During the events of Riviera: The Promised Land, Hector of the Seven Magi dispatched two Grim Angels to activate it. The Retribution has enough power to destroy the entirety of Riviera; it was placed as a last-resort in case the demons began to resurge and threaten Asgard.


  • There are a number of areas that can be seen on Riviera's world map that are never visited or even mentioned in-game.