Found lying on the ground. It's about the size of a fist.
A fist-sized rock. It has already been thrown.

The rock is a recurring Event Item in Riviera: The Promised Land. It can be obtained in most chapters, serving a different purpose every time it appears. When the opportunity comes up, you might want to use it, which will take you into a minigame. The results often change depending on a success or loss.


There are a multitude of places that yield rocks. They are found in Look Mode; be sure to have at least one Trigger Point for each.

  1. Heaven's Gate: Skywalk, Room 2 - Examine rockpile.
  2. Lacrima Castle: Wilhelm Bluff, Room 2 - Examine grass.
  3. Nelde Ruins: Tree Ruins, Room 3 - Make Ein search the rubble instead of Fia.
  4. Tetyth: Sinking Island, Room 2 - Examine ground.
  5. Mireno Cemetery: Either the first or last room of Cemetery Entrance. If a stalactite falls down toward you, dodge successfully; examine the remaining rubble to obtain a rock.
  6. Yggdrasil: Spiral Stones - From the entrance, head right, examine the shaky rock and stomp on it. Then go down and examine the boulder fragment to find the rock.


  • Heaven's Gate: Throw it at the Arachne found in Stairway of Judgment, Room 3.
  • Lacrima Castle: Throw it at the Misery found in Sentry Tower, Room 3.
  • Nelde Ruins: Does not seem to serve a purpose.
  • Tetyth: Throw it into the window in Aura Plateaus, Room 3.
  • Mireno Cemetery: Throw it into the water in Underground Lake on the screen marked X below to start

the legendary 50 times skipping stone event.

   [ ] [ ]-[X]
        |   |   |
   [ ]-[ ]-[ ] [ ]-[ ]>
        |   |   |
       [ ]-[ ] [ ]
  • Yggdrasil: Throw it at the enemy in Eternal Eden on the screen marked X below.
    [ ]-[ ]-[ ]>
   [ ]-[ ]-[X]-[ ]
       [ ]-[ }
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