Why, power like this is the heart's desire of any magician. And of course, I have my domain to protect as well. Roswell is my rival... Naturally, I can't back down.

Rosary Esmeralda
Basic info
Gender Female
Japanese Voice Actor Sato Akemi
English Voice Actor Kate Higgins
Age: 19
Race: Human
Family: House Esmeralda, Valois (ancestor)
Ace: Rod
Class: Witch
Birthplace: Verlaine Hills
First Appearance: BF8
Height: 162 cm

Rosary Esmeralda (ロザリィ・エスメラルダ Rozarii Esumeraruda?) is the nineteen-year-old lady of Esmeralda (or the House of the White Rose), the southwestern part of Verlaine. She is stated to be seeking the Ankhs for the sake of the power she'll obtain through them (allegedly surpassing her and Roswell's ancestor Valois, the founder of Verlaine). She appears to have set off the blood feud by attacking Roswell's villages with golems with no warning. When Roswell retaliates, however, the player is able to see her in a brief moment of vulnerability and realize that she does, in fact, care for her people. As she and Roswell both refuse to compromise, the Royal Army must kill one of them to end their war. If Roswell dies, Rosary joins the Royal Army afterward.

She's voiced by Sato Akemi in the PSP version.


Rosary does not like being given orders, which causes Milanor and Durant some worry if she's recruited. She's considerably less bookish and dignified than Roswell, and is playful and rather arrogant.



Rosary's theme is "Rosary Sortie!" (ロザリィ出撃! Rozarii Shutsugeki!?), also known as "Onward, Rosary!". It is played during Rosary's attacks.



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