Rosier (天使剣ロージア Tenshi Ken Rōjia, lit. Angelic Blade Rosier?) is a recurring weapon in the Dept. Heaven series.


In Riviera, the Rosier is first found in the crack in Stage 1, having only one use. Ledah explains that it is powerful, but not very durable. The Rosier is the strongest among the rapiers.

In the final chapter of the main game, 50x Rosier can be obtained in a chest in a hidden area (Granada Fortress). It is accessed by S-ranking at least one Bomber Kid to get the Bomb (not Dud) while not letting them use their Break Out (which forces the player into another area), and then using the Bomb on a crack Trigger Point in the next area after the Bomber Kid battles.

If the player defeats Hades, the Rosier is replaced by 1x Longinus in the crack in all subsequent playthroughs.


S RankEdit

Skill DataEdit


Stab Stats
Type Holy Attack
Power 116
Hits 3
Accuracy 80%
Base Wait 50
Variance 11%
Target Random Enemy B
Effects Low accuracy
Skill Level Level 0
Overskill Terre Promise
Skill Up 6


Magic Shot Stats
Type Holy Magic
Power 119
Hits 3
Accuracy 85%
Base Wait 50
Variance 11%
Target Near enemy
Effects Invalid on fliers
Skill Level Level 0
Overskill Holy Blight
Skill Up 3


Stab Stats
Type Holy Attack
Power 125
Hits 3
Accuracy 95%
Base Wait 45
Variance 12%
Target Near enemy
Effects None
Skill Level Level 0
Overskill Judgment
Skill Up 3


Throw Stats
Type Physical Attack
Power 153
Hits 1
Accuracy 60%
Base Wait 40
Variance 15%
Target Random Enemy A
Effects Low accuracy
Skill Level Level 0
Overskill None


Touche Stats
Type Holy Attack
Power 95
Hits 3
Accuracy 110%
Base Wait 40
Variance 18%
Target Near enemy
Effects Ignore VIT
Skill Level Level 0
Overskill Cadenza
Skill Up 8


"I have no use for this. Lorelei is all I need..." - Ledah

Rosier returns in Knights in the Nightmare as the ultimate sword for Duelists. It can be used in both Act Phases. Erica, Lillian, Hilgard and Magda can all use it to the full extent of its strength.

Rosier KitN sprite
Type Duelist
Element Sanctity
Level 65
Law Attack Shine Pierce -> Hallowed Pierce
Chaos Attack Photon Fall -> Starfall
Effect 1 82
Effect 2 48
Effect 3 00

Phase Name Damage Hits Total
Law Shine Pierce -> Hallowed Pierce 396 10 3960
Chaos Photon Fall -> Starfall 2290 4 9160

A sword as light as air. It can be used for many skills.

Rosier appears once more in Gungnir as a Grade 4 sword weapon.



  • Kind: Sword
  • Grade: 4 Stars
  • Affinity: Air





  • Cost: Coming Soon
  • Sell: Coming Soon

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