Roslip L'Arg Vol IX
Knight of Aventheim
Title Silver Tempest
Kana ローズリップ=ラグ=ヴァルⅨ
Romaji Rōzurippu Ragu VaruIX
Japanese Name Roselipp Largue Val IX
Race Larocca
Sex Female
Age 19
Order 12th
Unit Class Priestess
Element Neutral
Level 42
Encountered Scene 36
Item Azure Brooch
Route Mellia

Roslip, also known as Roselipp is a playable character in Knights in the Nightmare. She can be recruited only in Mellia's story.

Base StatsEdit

Lv 42
VIT 19
L.I 56
C.I 97
LOY 11%

Tome DescriptionEdit

"Her mother, Maginot, struggles constantly to preserve the family's social standing and see that her daughter is taken care of in life, but Roslip does not like having her mother's ways forced upon her. Most of her comrades find her difficult to work with, but she and Frances get along very well."


Pause Talk:Edit

  • On Maginot, A Hated Mother: "That woman may as well not be my mother..."
  • On Maginot, A Hated Mother: "I'll live how I want, and nobody can change that!"
  • On Frances, A Good Friend: "Frances... I hope she's not crying alone again."
  • On Frances, A Good Friend: "She has a tendency to blame herself for things."
  • On Michel, A Slender Boy: "There's a pretty, young man in the 8th Order."
  • On Michel, A Slender Boy: "I wonder how he managed to get such smooth skin..."
  • On Rudolf, A Relative: "I wish... they would stop treating me like a child."
  • On Rudolf, A Relative: "I'm not a child anymore. I can stand on my own."
  • On Hagen, A Comforting Man: "He doesn't pry. It's so nice to be around him."
  • On Heckler, A Corruptible Boy: "I'll be sad if someone takes advantage of him..."
  • On Flavio, A Skilled Chef: "I enjoyed the food that Flavio served us."
  • "Were the cardinal's minions in cahoots with the Mehse?"
  • "Why would they force the Mehse into physical labor?"
  • "Laroccan blood runs through me. It's who I am."
  • "No one can help me live the way I want to live."
  • "We take responsibility of those who have perished."

Using Key Item:Edit

  • "She wouldn't leave the display case without it."


  • "...Alright. You can have my strength."

Level Up:Edit

  • "Y-You're not trying to steal my heart, are you?"
  • "Hey, wait! Let me at least say thank you!"
  • "...Huh? You'll really let me level up!?"
  • "I-Im not happy! I-I mean I don't care! Er..."


  • "Wh-Who do you think are!? This is discrimination!"
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