Sacchito (従者サキト?, Jūsha Sakito) is a boss in Knights in the Nightmare. She is Princess Alier's loyal servant.

Devout Sacchito
KitN Enemy
Class The Secret
HP (Easy) 7850
HP (Medium) 15700
HP (Hard) 31400
HP (Nightmare) {{{hp4}}}
EXP 1190000
Level 75
Move Ground
Key Item Dragon Wing
Encountered Scene 41
Bullet I Ace in the Hole
Bullet II 52 Pickup


Pause Talk:Edit

  • On Wilmgard, Saving The Tribe: "I won't let you have your body back!"
  • "I won't... let you through!"
  • "No matter what you are... You cannot pass!"
  • "I... must..."
  • "You must defeat me before you attempt to pass."
  • "I will never allow you to return to your body!"
  • "No... No... I will not be controlled..."
  • "I won't give in... I can't give in..."
  • "L-Like this..."

Using Key Item:Edit

  • On Alier, One To Protect: "I must... keep Princess Alier safe..."
  • On Alier, One To Protect: "I must... protect... her..."
  • On Alier, One To Protect: "Princess Alier is our people's pride..."

Music ThemeEdit

The battle theme playing during her boss fight is called 'Clash with the Devout Sacchito' (従者サキトとの激突?) in the official soundtrack release. It is the 30th track from disc 2. It was also included in the Symphony of Souls arrangement under the title of 'The Faithful One', and comes under track number 25.