Salida Greatfox
Salida KitN portrait
Basic info
Kana サリダ=グランフォックス
Romaji Sarida Guranfokkusu
Location Scene 11
Key Item Fancy Tea Set

Salida (サリダ Sarida?) is a non-playable character in Knights in the Nightmare. A traveling peddler of antiques, her enthusiasm for her trade is only rivaled by her love for marketing gossip.


Pause Talk:Edit

  • On Werner, A Youth: "It's rare for someone so young to like antiques!"
  • On Werner, A Youth: "I put the best vase in his hands. I know he loved it!"
  • On Merrick, A Scary Woman: "I got thrown out of the castle by a court lady!"
  • On Merrick, A Scary Woman: "I don't know her name, but she was scary and pale."
  • On Merrick, A Scary Woman: "I've never talked to someone who hated me so."
  • On Donnel, A Good Judge: "Donnel has quite a good eye. I hope I do too."
  • On Donnel, A Good Judge: "He wants an antique clock, but they're kinda rare."
  • On Algiery, A Radiant Beauty: "I saw someone very beautiful at the castle!"
  • On Algiery, A Radiant Beauty: "I couldn't talk to her. She was too involved..."
  • On Carlette, A Clever Lady: "When I suggested it, she politely declined."
  • On Gene, An Armorer Son: "He asked me for steel, but that's out of my league..."
  • "Walking around lets me take in so many great things."
  • "Today the east, tomorrow, the west. I live to sell."
  • "I was famous for my beauty once, you know."
  • "My feet feel so heavy on rainy days."
  • "Bandits worry me. Maybe I'll hire a bodyguard."
  • "I meet so many people in this job. It's fun."
  • "Carrying these products takes a strong back."
  • "I have a pretty good eye, if I may say so myself."
  • "A lumberjack cut down a tree and was killed!"
  • "One of my customers gave me some very good cookies."
  • "My customers have taught me much about business."
  • "Walking around lets me take in so many great things."

Using Key Item:Edit

  • "You're interested in this? Amazing!"
  • "This is a fine product! You won't find a better deal!"
  • "I'll give a discount, just for you!"
  • "...So you're going to buy it after all? Thank you!"
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