The Awakening of the Chosen (Fleeing into the Night)
ULUS10539 00001
Vital statistics
Location Valde Forest: Abandoned Church
Description "A dilapidated church lies lonely and forgotten in the depths of the ancient forest of Valde. The ravages of time are apparent, and what little remains show that the church was built long ago..."
Both Route Knights Johann



Object InformationEdit

Location Respawn Method First Second
Candlestick (A) 2 Break Knitted Scarf None
Candlestick (B) 2 Break Letter Opener None
Treasure Chest (C) 4 Open Wedding Ring None
Candlestick (D) 2 Break Favorite Jug Soul Crucible

Respawn is the number of turns it takes to come back after breaking. Method is the method of obtaining the item.


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