Long Road to Dawn (Taken from the Ancient Castle)
Vital statistics
Location Valde Forest: Deep Forest - Northwest
Description "This area of the Valde Forest is so heavily overgrown that the sun rarely reaches the forest floor. Few people dared to tread here, and all manner of plants and animals flourish."
Both Route Knights Moira, Bonn

Key Item InformationEdit

Location Respawn Method First Second
Long Sign (A) 6 Break Leather Wallet None
Grassland (B) 6 Open Slim Darts None
Wooden Crate (C) 4 Open Indigo Ocarina Piche's Bauble


  • Fire: Dryad, Tarantula, Sprite (High Level)
  • Lightning: Dryad, Slime, Tarantula (High Level)
  • Ice: Dryad, Sprite, Slime, Tarantula

Dryad LocationsEdit

Dryad are stationary but can teleport to different places on the map. These are marked by numbers. They become the element of the space they are in which is denoted by the color of the number.

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