The Hunter and the Hunted - The Hunt Unfolds
Vital statistics
Location Valde Forest: Deep Forest - Northeast
Description "The northeastern region of Valde Forest is a marshy area, where the streams that feed into Noir Lake emerge. Fungi from this area are a valuable food source for inhabitants of this locale."
Both Route Knights Mardin, Michel
NPC Norton

Object InformationEdit

Location Respawn Method First Second
Wooden Crate (A) 4 Open Sake Bottle Hoe
Log Bridge (B) Break Teapot
Log Bridge (C) Break Crochet Needle
Grassland (D) 6 Break Upora Statue Dry Grass

If B and C are broken by a warrior, you lose access between the two areas


Dryad LocationsEdit

Dryad are stationary but can teleport to different places on the map. These are marked by numbers. They become the element of the space they are in which is denoted by the color of the number.

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