Werewolf's Territory (The Werewolf's Forest)
Vital statistics
Location Valde Forest: Deep Forest - South
Description "The southern part of Valde Forest was close to more civilized areas, and this region saw lots of traffic from cities. The flowers blooming here are telling reminders of spring's approach."
Maria's Route Knights Firenz
Mellia's Route Knights Leier
Both Route Knights Dreyuss
NPC Jorgen

The highlighted portion of the map is where the boss will patrol.

Object InformationEdit

Location Respawn Method First Second
Grassland (A) 6 Break Spear Replica
Grassland (B) 6 Break Quill Pen
Treasure Chest (C) 4 Open Fountain Pen
Grassland (D) 6 Break Crimson Brooch
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