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He Who Was Let Loose (The Grim Aftermath)
Vital statistics
Location Regnieburg: Northern Gate of Regnieburg
Description "This place marked the boundary between the forest and the town to the south. The roads here were paved with stone to allow horses to travel through Valde Forest to the church further north."
Maria's Route Knights Bailey, Frances
Mellia's Route Knights Wunsche, Legaard
Both Route Knights Erica
NPC Melfi, Nadia, Monk


The slain werewolf's body is discovered by the knights. To their horror, they recognize the dead man's features...

The Past RevisitedEdit

The knights discuss the news of Prince Nordich's engagement to the princess of the Tiamats, which promises to bring an end to the long feud between Gleivnir and the Tiamat kingdom.

Object InformationEdit

Maria's PathEdit

Location Respawn Method First Second
Wooden Sign 6 Break Talisman Cane
Wooden Barrel 4 Open Holy Water Hair Ribbon
Grassland 6 Break Secret Box Trendy Necktie
Wooden Barrel 4 Open Bent Coin Leather Shoes
Rock ? Break Holy Necklace

Mellia's PathEdit

Location Respawn Method First Second
Wooden Sign ? Break Talisman
Rock ? Break Holy Necklace
Grassland 6 Break Man's Comb Gryff Grill
Wooden Barrel 4 Open Book of Poetry Holy Water
Wooden Barrel ? Open Paint
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