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Gathering of the Four (Marching Out of Step)
Vital statistics
Location Regnieburg - Regnieburg Richt District
Description "The largest residential in the lakeside town was in this area. Most of the stores and facilities were here, and an important amount of trade was done within the city."
Maria's Route Knights Lyzz, Freiber
Mellia's Route Knights Ernest, Schmitz
Both Route Knights Bonita
NPC Marvell, Olson, Belinda


Capehorn calls a private meeting with his lieutenants. However, when his protegee Yelma fails to answer the summons yet again, the cardinal orders general Vishna, an assassin loyal to him, to spy on Yelma's movements.

Leonil and Aquina voice their misgivings about allowing Yelma so many liberties. But, despite his own suspicions, the cardinal proposes to let the witch be while she remains useful to them.

The Past RevisitedEdit

With still no word from their messengers, the transferred knights become increasingly worried about the situation. They wonder if Aventheim was attacked or cut off from the land in the meantime, despite the news of Wilmgard's safe return.

At this time, a fatally wounded knight arrives from Aventheim at last, bearing grave news...

Object informationEdit

Maria's PathEdit

Location Respawn Method First Second
Grassland 6 Break Theater Passes Notepad
Treasure Chest 4 Open Broken Bow Justice Scales
Treasure Chest ? Open Yohen Tenmoku
Grassland 6 Break Berry Candy Violin

Mellia's PathEdit

Location Respawn Method First Second
Treasure Chest 4 Open Yohen Tenmoku Meat Cleaver
Treasure Chest 4 Open Magic Textbook Justice Scales
Grassland ? Break Notepad
Grassland 6 Break Slingshot Plane
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