Schweiz Saijar Ransom
Basic info
Kana シュヴァイツ=シーザー=ランサム
Romaji Shuvaitsu Shīzā Ransamu
Location Scene 24
Key Item Secret Dossier

Schweiz (シュヴァイツ Shuvaitsu?) is a non-playable character in Knights in the Nightmare.


Pause Talk:

  • On Darshan, An Unlikable Lady: "What was her name, Darshan? I don't like her at all."
  • On Wurger, An Annoying Guard: "It's good to be thorough, but then there's him..."
  • On Wurger, An Annoying Guard: "He assumes all new hires are suspicious people..."
  • On Lucana, A New Maid: "Who would put trash in an opinion box!?"
  • On Lucana, A New Maid: "Someone put wine in the cistern... Unbelievable."
  • On Lucana, A New Maid: "Who left the kitchen with a pan still on a lit stove?"
  • On Margaret, An Annoying Lady: "The library wants more funding for preservation..."
  • On Leane, A Fast Worker: "The requests never stop... So I can never relax."
  • "Hmm? Something feels peculiar..."
  • "I can do nothing with the kingdom in this state!"
  • "Strange people are always around the cardinal."
  • "With the king missing, decisions are going unmade."
  • "I was requested to take in the flood of refugees..."
  • "Authorized personnel only."
  • "I need to allocate funds to arrow storage..."
  • "These traders are so slow, yet I'm the one blamed!"
  • "I saw someone like an angel with the cardinal."
  • "The cardinal is a liar. But who am I to be believed?"

Using Key Item:

  • "One must examine documents thoroughly."
  • "Can't people respect the sanctity of silence?"
  • "...Clerical work can be hard, too."
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