Simone Alexei
Knight of Aventheim
Title Ivory Disciple
Kana シモーヌ=アレクセイ
Romaji Shimōnu Arekusei
Japanese Name Simone Alexey
Race Nestico
Sex Female
Age 25
Order 11th
Unit Class Priestess
Element Ice
Level 12
Encountered Scene 7
Item Thin Watch
Route Both

Simone is a playable character in Knights in the Nightmare.

Base StatsEdit

Lv 6
VIT 21
L.I 49
C.I 48
LOY 43%

Tome DescriptionEdit

Her gentle, caring, motherly personality has garnered her immense popularity among her peers. From time to time, she acts as a fortuneteller, and many consider her readings to be very accurate. She and Cress have been very close since the two entered knighthood, and Simone trusts her with her deepest secrets.


Pause Talk:Edit

  • On Crozeph, An Awkward Girl: "I can tell... She's just a little shy..."
  • On Crozeph, An Awkward Girl: "I've heard Crozeph has a good friend."
  • On Cress, A Trustworthy One: "Cress and I have similar qualities."
  • On Cress, A Trustworthy One: "Cress and I have helped each other for a long time."
  • On Cress, A Trustworthy One: "Just being in the same places as him relaxes me."
  • On Lester, A Stubborn Man: "Lester is a good man. He's just a little too rigid."
  • On Dreyuss, A Pure Boy: "Dreyuss is so innocent. I wish I still was..."
  • On Bonn, A Concerning One: "Bonn loves drinking a bit too much. I warned him."
  • On Wunsche, A Serious Knight: "I think Wunsche is worried about something or other..."
  • On Lisbet, A Motherly Lady: "People naturally like being around her."
  • On Lisbet, A Motherly Lady: "Ms. Lisbet is like a mother to me..."
  • On Rolenta, One Who Needs: "I think Rolenta is probably just lonely..."
  • On Firenz, A Concerning One: "I've told him not to drink so much, many times..."
  • On Alonso, A Charming Man: "Alonso has a big voice and attitude, but it's sweet."
  • On Dahlia, An Awkward Girl: "The fortune-teller the rumors speak of... is me."
  • On Bonita, One of No Concern: "Bonita has someone she can respect now. That's good."
  • On Wilmgard, A Kingdom's Hope: "I can't reach the castle... Is the royal family okay?"
  • "I have a horrible feeling of awful things to come..."
  • "Messengers used to come by all the time. But now..."
  • "Though part of the knights, I am but a priestess."
  • "I don't want to believe something's gone wrong..."
  • "Everyone's families are at the castle... I'm praying."
  • "Everyone is nervous. I'm praying as much as I can."
  • "I can forgive his selfish nature. My cat's that is."
  • "I wonder if my cat back home is doing okay..."

Using Key Item:Edit

  • "Are you holding onto your memories as well?"
  • "The owner of this item is no longer with us."


  • "If I can be of help, then I will gladly join..."

Level Up:Edit

  • "I must become stronger..."
  • "Now... I can be of better use to others, right?"
  • "People never stop growing..."
  • "There is someone I hope... to protect."


  • "So I was not of use to you. I am deeply sorry..."


When accepting another's soul:

  • "... I cannot ignore such strong feelings...!"

When accepting Crozeph's soul:

  • "... So you have died before showing anyone kindness..."
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