Basic info
Gender Female
Japanese Voice Actor Yui Horie
English Voice Actor ???
Age: 17
Race: Human
Family:  ???
Ace: Bow
Class: Assault
Birthplace: Bronquia
First Appearance: BF01
Height: 161 cm
Favorite edible: salad

Siskier (シスキア Shisukia?) is a playable character in Blaze Union. She is Garlot's childhood friend, and the lead scout of Gram Blaze.


The same age as Garlot, she acted as a surrogate mother or older sister to him during their childhood, and encouraged him to play with her and Jenon often so that he would have a place of refuge from his father.

Siskier likes to wear tight clothing that covers little skin, claiming that it allowed for more agility. She tended to complain about the cold at various points of the game, but also acknowledged that her attire is not practical protection from the elements.

Siskier has no lead role in any of the paths, but her death in the A route provides the impetus for Garlot to unseal his demon blood.


Siskier is cheerful and has an affinity for scarves, buying them at every opportunity she gets. An early battlefield suggests that Siskier is afraid of heights, although this is not touched on anywhere else. It is also heavily implied that she has romantic feelings for Garlot, although she is never able to tell him so to his face. Siskier, being a resident of Tiera's slums, has great disdain for all nobles and displays prejudice towards them before getting to know them personally.

Base StatsEdit

Siskier's default equipment is the Kilt Scarf.

Stats GEN ATK TEC LUK Morale
1, 8 2, 2 3 3 2760/2760
Abilities Ability 1 Ability 2 Ability 3 Ability 4 Equipment
Evade criticals Road, Alley ☺ Move after Union None Block Charge
Siskier Base Stats

Siskier's Initial Stats



Siskier's theme is "At Least Flowers for the Heart" (せめて心に花を Semete Kokoro ni Hana o?). It is plays in Siskier's charges.

Blaze Union OST - At Least Flowers for the Heart

Blaze Union OST - At Least Flowers for the Heart

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