Skill Up

Ein Skills Up with the Naga Fang and learns Lightning Call.

Skill Up is a gameplay mechanic that appears only in Riviera: The Promised Land; it is similar to the standard Level Up mechanic common in the RPG genre. A Skill Up occurs when a character fills the Experience Gauge with an item/weapon, after the battle ends with a proper finish. Upon Skilling Up, the character learns a new Over Skill with that item, and gains stat bonuses accordingly. A player can use Practice battles to help with Skilling Up without using up their items. Note that you will not Skill Up if you flee the battle, or if the character gets knocked out.


  • Ledah is the only playable character that can not Skill Up.
  • There are rare occassions where a character cannot Skill Up after the battle ends.
    • The first battle against Isher is one such fight.
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