Sleip (スレイプ Sureipu?)is

The sole survivor of a clan of sea-dwelling Undines captured by the Duke of Balin's army. She is 23 years old at the time of Blaze Union.[15] Gram Blaze rescues her from being taken to Flarewerk when they are ordered to stop Balin's ship, which Velleman believes is carrying a tribute to Thortie; upon seeing her condition, Garlot inducts her into Gram Blaze out of sympathy. Sleip is always drunk and has a crass personality, continually flirting with Garlot and the other young men and trying to get them to drink with her. She claims that she would not be able to stand the loss of her comrades without alcohol, giving her the appearance of someone who turned to drink out of grief, but was actually a drunkard from the very start.[15] She has a large tattoo of a condor on her back, an expression of her desire to travel the world both land and sea.[15]
Sleip and her people were actually being taken to Flarewerk because they were being drafted into the Imperial Army, not as a tribute, which is only explained in Sleip's confrontation with Thortie during their final battle.[15] Although Sleip is aware of the truth, she still holds a grudge against Thortie because of his army's brutality. After Gulcasa's coronation, Sleip decides to leave Bronquia, and meets up with Jenon and Medoute on their way out of the country. She is implied to stay with Gram Blaze in the game's alternate endings.


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