Sofine C. Renard
Knight of Aventheim
Title Chipper Visionary
Kana ソフィネ=C.レナード
Romaji Sofine C. Renādo
Japanese Name Sofine C. Leonard
Race Rondalia
Sex Female
Age 15
Order 8th
Unit Class Hermit
Element Lightning
Level 20
Encountered Scene 22
Item Applecot Nut
Route Mellia
Sofine (ソフィネ Sofine?) is a playable character in Knights in the Nightmare. She can be recruited only in Scene 22 in Mellia's story.

Base StatsEdit

Lv 20
L.I 62
C.I 73
LOY 42%

Tome DescriptionEdit

"Although she has a terminally ill brother at home, she is an infectiously happy young woman. Sofine always sees the brighter side of things and tries to use her smile to motivate others."


Pause Talk:Edit

  • On Yantana, A Pharmacist: "My brother depends on Yantana's medicine..."
  • On Kulich, An Older Brother: "I work hard, for my brother!"
  • On Kulich, An Older Brother: "My older brother has a disease..."
  • On Gudrun, An Older Knight: "We look the same age, but she's actually older."
  • On Gudrun, An Older Knight: "Lady Gudrun is reliable, but a little unstable."
  • On Baltar, A Superior: "I heard he's like family to Lady Gudrun."
  • On Colt, One In Memories: "I knew I'd seen him somewhere before."
  • On Colt, One in Memories: "I met Sir Colt one, when I was really little."
  • On Gieche, A Handsome Man: "I hear Sir Colt's older brother is good looking!"
  • On Janak, A Familiar Man: "I know I've seen that face somewhere before..."
  • On Janak, A Familiar Man: "Oh! I remember now! Yes, his name was Mr. Janak!"
  • "Hmm... I always think I'll remember, then I forget."
  • "I can't help wanting to know about secrets!"
  • "If I smile, I'm sure I can make everybody else too!"
  • "The only good thing about me is my high energy."
  • "I wonder if I could find a hidden room in the castle..."
  • "My family has served the royal family for yeaaaars."
  • "I wish I could go see them sometimes..."
  • "I should go on a secret adventure..."
  • "I made a vow to be happy, all the time!"
  • "Of course it has secrets. The kings have lived there!"

Using Key Item:Edit

  • "I prefer salty over sweet."


  • "Your wish is my command, Sir!"

Level Up:Edit

  • "I don't have anything to give you in return..."
  • "I'll protect everyone with this power!"
  • "I guess I'll have to work hard, no matter what, now!"
  • "Whoa! I'm stronger!?"


  • "What? It's so sudden..."


If accepting a soul:

  • "We've served the castle for years. But this..."
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