A long-distance fighter with a variety of aggressive magic attacks. Spells have high power and a wide range, and can tear close groups of foes apart with ease. In emergencies, a mace can be used as a melee weapon.

The Sorceress is a purely offensive spellcaster. The array of destructive spells granted by rods, along with her short Cast Time, grants the Sorceress incredible firepower. However, among all classes, she is the most vulnerable to physical damage, so keep her well away from potential attackers.

List of SorceressesEdit

Name Fire Water Earth Air Specialty Number Description
Alighieri -3 +1 +3 -1 IV A methodical, powerful sorceress
Crozeph +3 -3 -1 +1 II She's average now but has strong magic potential.
Lyzz 0 -1 +2 -1 III Supports the frontline with her intelligence.
Cornelia -2 0 +3 -1 I Poor defense but could learn with enough guidance.
Isolde +3 +3 -3 -3 II Extremely effective at a few specific tasks.

Notable SorceressEdit