The Soul Crucible (魂のるつぼ Tamashii no rutsubo?) is an item that has appeared in multiple episodes of the Dept. Heaven series.

A small jar containing countless soldiers' souls.

Soul Crucible first appeared in Yggdra Union as a pretty debilitating equip item that anyone can equip; it gives its holder a chance to avoid death if their Morale was reduced to zero (0).

GEN -4
LUK -6
Lasts 3 Battlefields
Equip All
Effect 1-Time Revival
Location BF26 (YU); BF 23 (BU)

Morale RecoveryEdit

Soul Crucible

The Soul Crucible is a Key Item in Knights in the Nightmare that is obtained from a respawned Candlestick in Scene 1. It is used to pacify Zolgonark's second form in Scene 46.

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