Staehel Rudolia
Knight of Aventheim
Title Infernal Lightning
Kana シュテリンガム=ルードリア
Romaji Shuteringamu Rūdoria
Japanese Name Staehelingum Roodria
Race Nestico
Sex Male
Age 25
Order 11th
Unit Class Archer
Element Ice
Level 9
Encountered Scene 9
Item Broken Bow
Route Maria

Staehel (シュテリンガム Shuteringamu?), also known as Staehelingum is a playable character in Knights in the Nightmare.

Base StatsEdit

Lv 9
VIT 20
L.I 76
C.I 23
LOY 45%

Tome DescriptionEdit

"Always the honorable and humble archer, he is loved by all his subordinates. Upon receiving his promotion, Staehel's friends gave him a brand new bow, but he used it so much it broke. He is currently searching for a master fletcher to repair it. While his unit is often criticized for being too relaxed, he firmly believes that nothing prepares for battle better than high morale and a hearty laugh. He greatly respects Walder."


Pause Talk:Edit

  • On Dahlia, A Strange Woman: "I never understand what Lady Dahlia is thinking..."
  • On Dahlia, A Strange Woman: "...I don't think I can keep up with her."
  • On Dahlia, A Strange Woman: "She looks very young..."
  • On Dahlia, A Strange Woman: "To understand another is a complicated thing."
  • On Walder, A Superb Archer: "I couldn't win against Walder at the bow."
  • On Walder, A Superb Archer: "To put it one way, he's like a perfect rival."
  • On Walder, A Superb Archer: "I have my goals."
  • On Walder, A Superb Archer: "I'd like Walder's opinion in a situation like this..."
  • On Dreyuss, An Upcoming Boy: "He told me once that he wanted to be a good knight."
  • On Dreyuss, An Upcoming Boy: "I think Dreyuss has excellent sense."
  • On Bergman, A Poor Archer: "He has guts... But he's not cut out for archery."
  • On Granitz, An Archer General: "I hear General Granitz is an expert in archery."
  • On Legaard, A Crude Archer: "Legaard isn't a cautious archer, but he got skill."
  • On Oswald, A Capable Archer: "I think he'd make a fine officer, truthfully."
  • On Cress, One Who Gets It: "If he survives, he'll be a great archer."
  • On Rivulia, A Fierce Monster: "I saw a terrible monster at the gates of the fort"
  • On Rivulia, A Fierce Monster: "No human being could stand against that viciousness."
  • "How many of them... got away in time...?"
  • "Even if you miss, you can't panic. Running comes later."
  • "The knight orders had no chance... My comrades..."
  • "To laugh with my comrades is something I treasure."
  • "To know an arrow's maximum distance is important."
  • "Keep smiling, and something good will come of it."
  • "I try to carry on the will of my former superior"
  • "People say my order is too relaxed."

Using Key Item:Edit

  • "I wonder if my subordinates are safe..."
  • "It may be broken, but this was a gift from my men..."


  • "If I may be of service..."

Level Up:Edit

  • "As one's power rises, so does one's responsibility."
  • "I don't want to lose anything else..."
  • "Power, I certainly need it."
  • "No one is unhappy when they grow stronger, right?"


  • "I suppose you found fault in my skill..."
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