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Stone makes its first appearance as a rare status effect in Riviera: The Promised Land.

A character suffering from Stone is immobilized and cannot dodge or block attacks. However, physical resistance is increased by 90 and all elemental resistances rise by 50. Stone is the rarest status effect in the game, with only two sources: Black Tornado, Serene's Overskill with the Fallen Fan, and Stone Beam, the Rage move of the beetle type enemies when they are in the back row.

Known as Petrify in Yggdra Union; the card Medusa Eye inflicts this status if it lands successfully. When the opponent has been petrified, the battle ends, but no morale damage is calculated. On field, a stoned unit becomes immobilized for a ridiculous amount of turns; often the Battlefield will end before they regain mobility. Petrification can be cured by completing the current objective or finishing the map; Refreshment may also remedy the ailment. Those with Void Stone or Void Ailments are immune to this status effect.

Returning once again in Gungnir, Stone reduces all damage on the afflicted unit to 1, but they are completely immobile, unable to move, act, or participate in Beat attacks. The Holy Water item can cure Stone immediately, but it must be applied by another unit on the stoned unit.

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