The King of Thieves who valiantly penetrates into battle with his favorite blade. His skill "Steal" snatches his opponents' equipment!

A clone of the Bandit class; Stray Thief is exclusive to Milanor. Just like its Bandit counterpart, this class wields axes. Only the Stray Thief class may use the special Steal skill.


Natively, this class is pretty solid, as it has a couple of useful abilities and no weaknesses of any kind.

  • Wasteland ☻: This ability makes a Stray Thief powerful in rocky terrain. It also nullifies their weapon's disadvantage against Swords, Scythes, and Rods and makes them immune to Rockfall, the wasteland terrain skill card. Another benefit is that it gives the class a terrain bonus that reduces Morale Damage. This ability is shared with Imperial Knights and Dragon Knights.
  • Void Stone: This is exclusive to Stray Thief, and makes it immune to Medusa Eye.


With the Stray Thief class belonging only to Milanor, it naturally performs very well in pretty much every battlefield and boasts
Stray Thief
high stats all around. At base, this class has great GEN, superior ATK, and excellent TEC and LUK, both of which are equal.
  • Size: Small
  • Move: Walk
  • Weapon: Axe
  • Formation: Cross X
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