Suspend is selected on the menu.

Suspend is a gameplay mechanic introduced in Riviera: The Promised Land. This feature allows the player to save their progress from their current positioning to take a break.

In RivieraEdit

In Riviera, open the menu, and Suspend will be located at the bottom. Select it, and the game will create a temporary save
Suspend Data Saved

Suspending the game

point and return to the title screen. When you're ready to play again, select CONTINUE on the title screen, then select Okay. Be careful not to select Load Save Data, as it'll start you from where you last did a proper save, rather than your suspend point. Also remember that once a Suspend Data is loaded, it disappears and another must be created, or the game must be saved fully to take another break.
Loading Suspended Data

Select "Okay"

In Yggdra UnionEdit

To suspend in Yggdra Union, one must simply open the Menu with the L Button and select Suspend
Yggdra Union - We'll Never Fight Alone 01

Yggdra Union's Suspend highlighted.

. After a moment, the player will be taken back to the Title Screen. To load it, select CONTINUE rather than LOAD DATA. Like Riviera, the suspension will self-delete upon beng loaded; unlike Riviera, it remains there even if another save file is loaded. The file from which the suspended data was created can be deleted and it will remain intact. Theoretically, one can make it deep into the game, suspend, then delete the parent save file, but will still be able to continue anyway using the suspended data.

Yggdra Union - We'll Never Fight Alone 02

Select CONTINUE on the Title Screen to load suspended data.

In the PSP version, as well as Gloria and Blaze Union, the Suspend feature has been modified so that Suspended saves do not self-delete and can be overwritten only by the execution of another Suspension.

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