Sven K. Brewer
Basic info
Kana セバスティン=K. ブルーワー
Romaji Sebasutin K. Burūwā
Location Scene 7
Key Item Paint

Sven (セバスティン Sebasutin, lit. Sebastian?) is a non-playable character in Knights in the Nightmare.


Pause Talk:Edit

  • On Leier, A Female Regular: "There is a woman who says she likes my paintings."
  • On Leier, A Female Regular: "This painting... I made it for Leier."
  • On Melfi, A Farm Girl: "I painted a farm. It was comforting and quaint."
  • On Mervyn, A Likable Poet: "I would like to paint the themes of Mervyn's poetry."
  • On Mervyn, A Likable Poet: "We would be the ultimate collaboration of beauty!"
  • On Nadia, A Neighbor: "She viewed an experimental piece. She looked lost."
  • On Nadia, A Neighbor: "I'm happy when neighbors visit my gallery."
  • On Donald, A Young Musician: "I heard there was a bard at the tavern recently."
  • On Donald, A Young Musician: "I wanted to hear him, but I suppose he's moved on."
  • On Norberg, A Rich Gentleman: "I was happy to sell my largest painting."
  • On Norberg, A Rich Gentleman: "Based on what he chose, I'd say he had an eye for art."
  • On Jorgen, A Famous Teacher: "That old man seems to have an interest in landscapes."
  • On Marvell, A Tavern Mistress: "The salads Marvell makes have such vivid colors."
  • "My job is to leave images of our fine world behind."
  • "I don't allow anyone to view my unfinished work."
  • "I am happiest when I'm facing a canvas."
  • "I've always lived for my art. It's my calling."
  • "I wonder why paints are getting so hard to find..."
  • "I'm on fire... My art is without peer!"
  • "I couldn't imagine doing anything but painting."
  • "This world is waiting for me to paint it."
  • "The world... is art. I can tell."
  • "My work shines brilliantly through these dark times."

Using Key Item:Edit

  • "Artists... are magicians of color."
  • "If it were up to me, I would create more colors."
  • "Did you know a color exist in the shadow of a shade?"
  • "I grew up surrounded by paintings."
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