Sweetberry (スウィートベリー Suwītoberī?) is an item that appears in Yggdra Union and the PSP release of Knights in the Nightmare.

The Sweetberry first appears as an edible in Yggdra Union that, when consumed by its holder, will increases their Luck (LUK) stat. A favorite of Yggdra's.

Morale Recovery

Yggdra 8000
Milanor 2000
Durant 2000
Nietzsche 4000
Roswell 2000
Rosary 2000
Russell 2000
Cruz 1000
Elena 3000
Kylier 2000
Gordon 2000
Mistel 2000
Pamela 3000

In KiTN, the Sweetberry returns as a Key Item that unlocks Yggdra's Ex-Skill.

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