A maiden that fights with a hope known as the Holy Sword. Her skill "Revolution" brings about miraculous victories.

Sword Maiden (ソードメイデン Sōdomeiden?) is a specialized form of the Valkyrie class, and is the signature class of Yggdra. As with the latter, this unit's weapon affinity is that of a sword, which makes it strong against units with axes and weak against units with lances. They have identical advantages and weaknesses to Valkyries, though this unit is innately more defensive than offensive, possesing greater GEN than TEC. After Yggdra's coronation, her Sword Maiden class advances to La Pucelle.


The Sword Maiden class begins with the Ability to Block Counters, however this is lost once the Silk Corset is used up. This helps Yggdra in the early chapters of the game, compensating for her shaky starting stats. Below are the abilities that she has natively. 

  • > Golem: Grants battle prowess when confronting the Golem class.
  • Fort+: This ability is unique to this class, and makes it exceedingly powerful when in Fort terrain. It nullifies their weapon's weakness to spears, rods, and scythes, and grants them a whopping -50 in Morale Damage if this unit were to lose a clash
  • Void Holy: Grants immunity to all Holy damage and skills.
  • < Darkness: Makes the unit vulnerable to Dark-based attacks and skills. 


Sword Maiden
GEN ATK TEC LUK Size Move Weapon Formation
5 5 3 2 Small Walk Sword Cross +
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