The whip is an exotic weapon that can deal great damage and status ailments to certain type of enemy. A tamer can also perform a "Capture" attack that immobilize both her and her enemy, which can prove very useful when used correctly. Her katana is only used in counterattacks, but boasts great power, which makes her an interesting performer when used in the front line.

The Tamer wields whips that can hinder and disorient her foes in a variety of ways. Whips can be highly damaging in combination with Special Attack Effects, and can also be used to restrain enemies, making the Tamer suited to both attack and support roles. Katanas, which can only be used by the Tamer, deal frightening amounts of damage and can counter any attack type. A Tamer is sure to wreak havoc among her enemies.

List of TamersEdit

Name Fire Water Earth Air Spc Description
Bonita -2 -3 +2 +3 Coming Soon A tamer with no weaknesses and fearsome potential.
Diora 0 +2 0 -2 IV A particularly tough tamer. Highly recommended.
Joanna +3 -1 -1 -1 I Strong and tough, this tamer takes things slow.
Platier 0 -1 -2 +3 I A well-rounded tamer. No harm in hiring her.
Hildegarde -1 +1 -2 +2 II A very agile tamer with low health.
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