The Targeting System is a battle mechanic used in Riviera: The Promised Land that controlled which enemy would be hit when using a certain item. The demon that is targeted is determined by:

  • The character using the item.
  • The skill that said character performs with it.
    • The range and enemy targeted may also change when considering an Over Skill.
  • The character's positioning.
  • The formation.
    • Whether the character is in the back row or the front row can drastically change which demon they will target.

Attack RangesEdit

There are ranged skills that can hit a wide area such as Ein's Slash with Einherjar, or all enemies such as Cierra's Cinder Squall with the Ruby Staff. Some multi-hitting attacks will randomly target an enemy with each individual hit, like Lina's Arrow Rain. The player can make tactical use of the Position Change feature to influence the targeting system to some degree.

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