The one who holds the lost "Revelation of the Gods". Everything else is unknown. His forbidden "Reincarnation" spell turns tainted souls into his servants.

The Ancient is the personal unit class of the Dragon General Nessiah, and is modified from the Necromancer class. Unlike Necromancer, however, this class' weapon affinity is Book, which is advantageous against Rod and Lump users, but weak to Bows. This class is distinct for being the only one capable of using Reincarnation.


Being among the strongest of the classes, The Ancient has no notable weaknesses.

  • No Battle Penalty - The unit does not lose any soldiers when entering multiple clashes in a single union.
  • Void Ailments - The unit is immune to Status effects such as Curse.
  • >Skeletons - The unit has the upper hand against Skeleton enemies.

Base StatsEdit

GEN ATK TEC LUK Size Move Weapon Formation
6 5 6 3 Small Warp Book Cross X
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