A girl artificially enhanced to become a Grim Angel. She carries out her task with her prototype Diviner and her "Judgment Zero" skill!
- 367 4

The Angelic is the signature class of Number 367, an optional boss from the PSP version of Yggdra Union; it is comparable to Marietta's class. The Angelic enjoys the axe weapon affinity, a slew of abilities (see below), and exclusive access to the Judgment Zero skill.


  • Void Ice - Immunity to ice damage and skills such as Blizzard and Diamond Dust.
  • Void Ailments- Immune to status effects such as Slow.
  • Morale UP when low/DW slowly* - Morale recovers for this unit when Morale drops to 25% or lower at the start of this unit's turn.
    • Morale drains for this unit only at the start of this unit's turn; occurs after No. 367 goes berserk.
  • Diviner Protection - Blocks charge attacks at the beginning of clashes, as well as certain skills such as Steal.

Base StatsEdit

The Angelic
GEN ATK TEC LUK Size Move Weapon Formation
Unkn Unkn Unkn Unkn Large Fly Axe Cross +
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