The Clock is a tactical element found only in Gungnir. Between turns, time passes, which is show by the clock located in the top-right corner of the screen. Each time the hand of the clock completely cycles through, one Wait value is removed from all units in the Action Sequence. Whenever any unit gets a chance to move, the clock halts temporarily; it resumes after the move has been made until another unit or the player turn comes up next.

Time Stop/ScrambleEdit

While the clock is cycling, the player is able to freeze it with the L Button; doing so will cause its icon to turn red, with the phrase "Clock Stop" displayed above it. If available, the player may then press X to initiate a Scramble. This move costs Tactics Points, but removes all Delay for your party only. Scramble costs the current delay plus two (2) Tac Points to perform.


During your army's turn, hold X while the icon is hovering over an unoccupied tile to make time pass. This technique, known as Overclocking, can be used to shave some Wait from your units and speed up casting. Using Overclock generally allows for greater flexibility and attacking options. Beware that Overclocking affects other units as well, including enemies.