Theonil L. Algren
"Is Caline acting like a baby again?"
Knight of Aventheim
Title Lackadaisical Cloud
Kana テオニール=L.アルグレン
Romaji Teonīru L. Aruguren
Japanese Name Theoneil L. Algren
Race Rondalia
Sex Male
Age 24
Order 9th
Unit Class Warrior
Element Lightning
Level 27
Encountered Scene 24
Item Windmill
Route Maria

Theonil, also known as Theoneil is a playable character in Knights in the Nightmare.

Base StatsEdit

Lv 27
VIT 58
L.I 53
C.I 53
LOY 40%

Website DescriptionEdit

A laid-back knight with an easy-going attitude. Friendly and approachable, he is also innocent and child-like at times.

Tome Description Edit

"Somewhat of a lazy oaf, Theonil spends most of his days eating Gert's cooking, sleeping, and goofing off. This includes days in which he has actual duties to perform. The worries of the kingdom are of no concern to him, and he would rather spend time being unproductive with Jungwil and Josef. Although Theonil gets along well with Cornela, his true feelings are toward Caline."


Pause Talk:Edit

  • On Caline, A Cute Girl: "It was cute for her to try and hide her feelings."
  • On Caline, A Cute Girl: "I wonder if Caline is still pouting..."
  • On Minotta, A Scary Lady: "I hear Lady Minotta is scary when she's angry."
  • On Minotta, A Scary Lady: "Lady Minotta is so quiet. She can get really mad...?"
  • On Minotta, A Scary Lady: "The quiet types are always the ones with all the rage."
  • On Werner, A Pitied Man: "Caline can be so harsh. Werner almost cried."
  • On Gert, An Owed Man: "Sir Gert takes care of me, no matter what."
  • On Gert, An Owed Man: "Anyone who can make food like that can't be evil!"
  • On Jungwil, A Delinquent: "Sir Jungwil sure was rowdy the other night."
  • On Fritz, A Funny Man: "Sir Fritz is a class act."
  • On Fritz, A Funny Man: "I love when Sir Fritz tells his stories!"
  • On Fritz, A Funny Man: "I called Sir Fritz "Boss," and he decked me!"
  • On Cornela, A Concerning One: "Sir Fritz seems worried about Cornela."
  • On Legaard, An Eating Partner: "Sir Legaard loves Sir Gert's cooking, too."
  • "Getting angry all the time doesn't help anything!"
  • "You can't survive if you go all-out on everything."
  • "The king's closest advisors have been transferred away."
  • "I bet the king's knights knew too much about stuff."
  • "The citizens are worried because of all this chaos."
  • "Demotion? I don't care. This is bigger than me."
  • "When you're hungry, eat! When you're sleepy, sleep!"
  • "When's our next meal? Er... I just ate, didn't I?"
  • "People from the 1st Order got transferred away..."
  • "...What was I doing?"
  • "I'm sooo bored..."

Using Key Item:Edit

  • "This bring back so many memories!"


  • "So there's a place for someone like me to shine?"

Level Up:Edit

  • "Heh, I'm levelin' on up!"
  • "I'm glad even someone like me can be of use!"
  • "Hey, don't worry. I'm really grateful."
  • "Wow, I'm so glad! Thanks!"


  • "If I was worthless, I wish you'd told me sooner..."
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