These mid- to long-range fighters hurl their in an arc, avoiding obstacles that may block other distance attacks. The javelin has a knockback effect, making the Thrower a force to be reckoned with when controlling enemy movements.

The Thrower is an offensive ranged unit that hurls spears at the enemy. Throwers are capable of indirect fire over obstacles (much like Archers), but they can also fight at close range, making them the more flexible ranged unit.

List of ThrowersEdit

Name Fire Water Earth Air Specialty Number Description
Bailey -1 -1 +3 -1 II Overall, a well-rounded thrower.
Bonn +3 0 -3 0 IV A well balanced and reliable thrower.
Mardin 0 0 -1 +1 III Overall, a well-rounded thrower.
Rolf -1 +2 -3 +2 III Makes up for his clumsiness with brainpower.
Wunsche +2 +3 -2 -3 I A thrower with frontline-ready durability.

Notable ThrowersEdit

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