Tigot Leguna Oh Garny
Tigot KitN portrait
Basic info
Kana ティゴット=レグナ=オ=ガーニー
Romaji Tigotto Reguna O Gānī
Location Scene 34
Key Item Lantern

Tigot (ティゴット Tigotto?) is a non-playable character in Knights in the Nightmare. He is the Zeitzbach Cemetery keeper.


Pause Talk:Edit

  • On Ernest, A Grieving Knight: "How many years has it been since he lost his daughter?"
  • On Ernest, A Grieving Knight: "After it happened, he began training young knights..."
  • On Sienna, A Burdened Lady: "Sienna carries her past like a weight..."
  • On Sienna, A Burdened Lady: "The living have a duty, being that they are alive."
  • On Vienna, A Bandit Woman: "I hear she strikes on the bridge... Who is she?"
  • On Vienna, A Bandit Woman: "The Mehse live unbearable lives. She must be..."
  • On Latune, One Who Sees Much: "I saw an elderly man who looked deep in thought..."
  • On Garik, An Injured Youth: "That young man is always there by the grave..."
  • On Garik, An Injured Youth: "He won't be able to return to his order like that..."
  • On Baltar, A Kingdom Knight: "Garik worked under a superior named Baltar."
  • "My job is to protect the sleep of the departed."
  • "The living should not stay here for very long..."
  • "It seems like so long ago, yet only yesterday."
  • "Why would they build such a high tower?"
  • "There are many rumors about the curse of the Mehse..."
  • "The people of Mehse angered the gods. So I've heard..."
  • "I heard the Mehse once built a very high tower..."
  • "The construction of the tower ended in failure..."
  • "A tower like that should never have been built..."

Using key Item:Edit

  • "One needs a lamp to patrol at night."
  • "If I could... I'd light the path of the dead."
  • "It's a light that warms my heart..."
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