This fighter relies on versatility. In addition to setting traps on the battlefield for unwary enemies, the Trickster can also perform risky attacks with high attack power. Tricksters are also the only class that can use siege weapons on the map to attack many enemies at once.

Tricksters are known to dazzle and misdirect their foes with their attacks. Their Tools deal random-but-heavy damage to their targets, and they can also set pit traps for their enemies. They are also one of the only classes that can use Siege Weapons. The Trickster’s many roles make it one of the more complex classes.

Name Fire Water Earth Air Specialty Number Description
Erica +2 -2 -2 +2 II Calls herself a trickster; doesn't move like one
Janice 0 +1 +1 -2 I A skilled trickster with great potential.
Leier +3 -1 -2 0 IV A tempting trickster. Above-average agility.
Lillian -2 0 +1 +1 IV Tricks the enemy with her natural-born agility.
Nina 0 -1 +1 0 III Completely average. No strengths or weaknesses.
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