ウンディーン (Undine Undīn?) is a species that appear in multiple Dept. Heaven titles, most prominently in the Yggdra Union Subseries. They are a 100% female species, and are inherently peaceful.

Iria the Undine

In Riviera, Undines are considered to be among the sprites. Their only known habitats are Undine Spring and Tetyth. This race is one of various NPCs, and are not hostile.

Water nymphs skilled at aquatic combat. Their skill "Diamond Dust" freezes rivers!

Undine is a unit class in Yggdra Union. This class is handy with spears, giving them an advantage over the swordsmen, but they are weak against axe users. This class' signature ability is their high affinity in water, which gives them the ability to swim in it safely and grants them a performance boost during clashes. Because they are female only, it is revealed that they may not have reproduction capabilities; instead they survive by reincarnation, through the power of the Transmigragem. The signature move of the Undines is Diamond Dust, a variation of Blizzard.


Undines possess a couple of abilities unique to its class, as well as a few handicaps.

  • Void Ice - Immunity to Ice damage and skills.
  • Water ☻ - Tactical advantage when positioned on a water tile, in addition to terrain morale reduction if this unit is to lose a battle.
  • Sand :( - Performs poorly in desert terrain.
  • < Fire - Takes additional damage from Fire attacks and Flame.


GEN ATK TEC LUK Size Move Weapon Formation
4 4 4 3 Small Swim Spear Cross +


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Notable Undines:

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