The Upola Statue (ウポラ像 Upora-zō?), also known as Upora Statue, is a recurring item in the Dept. Heaven series.

A statue of the now extinct Upola tribe. We caught it while fishing at Tetyth.
A statue of the now extinct Upola tribe. We gave it to Reiche.
Upola Statue

The Upola Statue made its first appearance in Riviera: The Promised Land as an Event Item that can be obtained only under certain conditions.

Acquirement: Fish in the Sinking Island area of Tetyth after obtaining the Fishing Rod without the Grasshopper. Does not always appear.

Function: Trade to Reiche in return for a Dragon Meat x10.

The Upola Statue returned in Yggdra Union, found in a water tile (Nietzsche only) on BF12. When equipped, this item revives a character that hits zero (0) morale; upon its use, it becomes the Split Upola Statue.

GEN -2
ATK -2
TEC -2
Lasts 2 Battlefields
Equip Everyone
Effect 1-time revival
Location BF12

Morale RestorationEdit

Upola Statue returns as Dreyuss' Key Item in Knights in the Nightmare. It is found in Scene 3, and Dreyuss himself is recruited in Scene 4.

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