Ursula (ウルスラ Urusura?) is a non-playable character from Riviera: The Promised Land, a powerful being who defends Riviera.


According to Hector, Ursula is a ghost of a woman who died in Ragnarok. However, her true origins remain shrouded in mystery in-game. She kidnapped Ein and induced his amnesia in order to convert him to her cause. She later points him in the proper direction to start battling the Accursed. Later, after realizing that she was mistaken about Hector's views, Ursula contacts Ein through a dream to get him to protect her. She fades away at the end of the game, as her existence is linked with Seth's.

According to the side materials, Ursula was created by the gods as a defense mechanism to protect the Retribution. Seth is the embodiment of the gods' power, but to get at her one must first get past Ursula, and because they are symbiotic beings, killing Ursula would defeat the purpose. She is worshiped as a goddess by the Sprites.

When Ursula speaks in the Sacred Tongue at the beginning of the game to summon the holy beast, Aghart, she speaks in Cyrillic letters, although when read it does not make any sense.

Ursula is voiced by Shioyama Yuka in the PSP version of the game.


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