Aventheim Castle

Hi! I'm Crystalmaiden27! I'm just an editor here, but I'm glad to help! I'm happy to provide something I know to this wiki because that means I help my sister as well! My sister is an admin. Her username is Rolf96. If you want to ask something to her, just ask! But if you want to ask something to me, just leave a message ;) I'll answer if I can.

My interest? Uhh, well... I love Dept. Heaven series, and other rpgs...

Knights in the Nightmare[edit | edit source]

I have played it before. The story and the controls are quite complicated. But it's my favourite episode. At least for now.

Yggdra Union[edit | edit source]

I played the GBA version. And the game is REALLY hard (for me). I heard the PSP version is much easier than the GBA version. And there was a gossip that Yggdra is EVIL lol XD. But that's fine. I like evil main protagonist XD.


Gungnir[edit | edit source]

This game has a really dark plot. The discrimination is pretty harsh. They have to live in slums. If they want to eat, they have to rob someone. And when everything is almost over, they learned that even if they win the war, they won't get any peace. I like this XD

I love this quote, LOL

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