I'd like to welcome all readers and editors to the Dept. Heaven Wiki!

This is the new home of the Yggdra Union and Knights in the Nightmare Wikis. The communities of those two Wikis decided to merge with the Dept. Heaven Wiki, which was completed June 18, 2012. All the information, articles, and images on the old Wikis are still available on this Wiki (just use the navigation bar above or the search box to find whatever you're looking for) as well as all credit to users for the contributions they made.

Going forward, our goal is to cover a greater degree of content related to the Dept. Heaven series which consists of the games Riviera: The Promised Land, Yggdra Union, Knights in the Nightmare, and Gungnir. And we would very much appreciate your help in reaching that goal! Please visit the Community Portal to get started.

If you have any questions, please contact me, or one of this Wiki's two other Administrators, Escutcheon (formerly of the Yggdra Union Wiki) or Urðarbrunnr (formerly of the Knights in the Nightmare Wiki).