Valerie Brighid
Valerie Brighid
Gungnir Character
Romaji Varerī Burigiddo
Kana ヴァレリィ・ブリギッド
Nation Gargania
Sex Female
Origin Rubel Ward
Race Daltan
Age 17 -> 19
Class Rebel
Weapon Bowgun, Claw

The leader of Republic Faction. Since the Republic Faction had been banished from the Imperial Parliament, she tried to revitalize it again by joining Esperanza. And when the Republican Faction was revitalized, Valerie's rebellion begins...


Valerie has red braided hair into a bun and purple eyes. She wears black corset over her white shirt. She also wears red cravat and green pants.



  • According to the official art book of Gungnir, Valerie is skilled at playing piano. She loves music and acknowledges famous players and composers.
  • Valerie is a vegetarian.
  • Valerie secretly has feelings for Ragnus.
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