Velleman is the initial founder and employer of Gram Blaze, a landgrave of Tiera who desired an army to help him clear away his political enemies and strengthen Bronquia on the battlefield as well as in the nobility's realm. He is particularly good at influencing others through public speaking. Velleman is very stern and serious, and is critical of the way that Garlot is ruled by his emotions; he comes to view Gram Blaze as his personal tools, and upon growing used to having them around, Velleman begins to fear that they will one day turn on him.
Although Velleman admits that Garlot's altruism has had a positive influence on him and spurred him to protect the city of Tiera, during the canon route of the game Velleman's paranoia gets the better of him when Garlot is promoted to general of the revolution. When the plans to rebel are leaked by an unknown perpetrator, Velleman abandons Gram Blaze to die at Baldus' hands. Discovering that they escaped, he then takes Siskier prisoner and attempts to use her to force Gram Blaze to kill Garlot; when the plan backfires with Siskier's suicide, Velleman is defeated and killed by the survivors of Gram Blaze.
In the alternate routes of the game, Velleman survives; in the C route, he is chosen by Thortie to become Bronquia's prime minister. While he was once married and has a daughter, Velleman separated from his wife six years ago and the whereabouts of his family are unknown. He is 180 cm tall, likes cheese, and was 36 years of age at the time of Blaze Union. He is voiced by Go Shinomiya.
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